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The Luka State have taken the slow and steady approach to releasing their debut album.

Instead of forcing a release months after forming, the band is patiently waiting for the right time to unleash their anthemic album across the UK.

Racking up more than 3 million YouTube views and support from the likes of BBC Introducing and 6 Music since forming in 2013, the band has extensively toured the UK winning over fans with their raucous live shows and stadium-sounding tracks.

And it’s a formula that’s reaping rewards…

The band have been handpicked to headline the Camp & Furnace at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival in May – not a bad feat for a band yet to release an album.

Ahead of their festival slot, we caught up with lead singer Conrad Ellis to find out more about the band’s album update and their festival slot.

You guys formed as a band back in 2013, can you tell us about the progression of The Luka State over the years?

The past few years have been all about finding our feet and developing as a band, whether that be live or in the studio. One thing for sure is that it’s always been a creative process. It’s like an old car… you’ve got to keep the machine well-oiled ha!

Have you found that your influences and inspirations have changed throughout this time?

We’re all into the same kind of music really, but we’re always trying to inspire each other to listen to different music and put each other out of our comfort zones. For instance, I don’t think you’d find the Beastie Boys on Jakes iTunes, but I know once I put him on to them he wouldn’t turn them off.

What differences do you believe that your music offers to the UK’s current music scene?

I think we’re honest and heartfelt. We’re a real working-class band from a small town where there’s nothing to do, we’ve been doing this all our lives so we have something to write about. It’s a bit different than someone who’s out in the charts who’s been to Brit school and mummy and daddy paid the way.

You’ve been working on your debut album with producers Dave Eringa and Chris Sheldon, how did this collaboration come around?

We had been in touch previously with Dave and Chris and they both really got what we were doing so we thought when the time was right we would work together. It was nice to work with 2 producers who really believed in what we were doing and have really got behind our project to push it forward. The songs sound incredible and we’re all really proud of them.

Does the album follow a specific theme?

I suppose it does in a way. It looks at all aspects of growing up really. Lust, love, sex, lies, betrayal, social context stuff. I think that’s the beauty of writing though and being a writer, you have a blank page and you can turn that page into anything you want. I see writing as self-therapy haha!

When can we expect to hear more about the album details?

Hopefully soon, a debut album is a massive thing and we truly believe you only have one shot at it. We want to do it the right way. We want to put it out on the right label with people who believe in us. Right now we’re just building the foundations to become everyone’s favourite band… then we will drop the album when the time is right.

In terms of your live sets, what can people expect from a The Luka State show?

Energy, passion and a good sing-song. We treat every gig like it’s Wembley no matter how big or small. I want you in the palm of my hands in the first 10 minutes and if you’re not then I haven’t done my job haha.

Is it important for you to continue performing intimate shows like your fan house parties alongside larger venues throughout your career?

I think it’s important for bands to not lose touch with their roots. We started doing these house parties out of pure anger that there were some real sharky promoters out there so we thought we would take the gigs to the people who wanted them. Up close and personal is a great feeling, you catch the energy from the crowd much easier. However any band that says they don’t want to play arenas and stadiums is lying !!!

This summer, you’re heading to Sound City, how does it feel to be headlining a festival stage?

We’re really excited about it, it’s going to be a great weekend. It’s not too far from us either. It’s a good feeling and we’re excited to make new fans and capture people’s attention. I think we’re gonna be partying hard after that one haha!

If you could join the line-up of any other festival this summer, which would this be and why?

Glastonbury! Myself and Sam have a bro pact that we won’t go as punters and the first time we do go will be as artists. It’s on our bucket list. I’m dying to go as either, but I can’t break our bro pact so it’s Glasto for me, plus there are some great people on this year!

What are your aims as a band for 2017?

To keep making music and to mainly keep gigging. We want to be up and down the country non-stop playing in front of as many people as possible.

Watch the band’s latest video for ‘Bring This All Together’ below:

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