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Bowling For Soup will tour the UK this month, bringing another acoustic treat for their fans.

Last year, the band’s acoustic tour set attendance records and this year is set to be no different.

We caught up with Jaret Reddick to talk about tour, festival plans and what to expect from Bowling For Soup in 2012.

Why have you decided to carry on with an acoustic theme this tour?

It is something we started 3 years ago, this is the third annual. There really was never a question as to IF we would continue to do it, after the first run was so successful. It just works.

What do you feel are your strongest songs acoustically?

The obvious ones are great, “Turbulence”, “When We Die”, the ballads etc, but I think my favorites are the unexpected ones that REALLY work like “Punk Rock 101″ and “A Really Cool Dance Song”. People tend to freak out over those.

With being able to change the set list nightly, are there any songs you’ve noticed are ‘fan favourites’?

The acoustic shows are very much “hard core fan” shows so we definitely have to be on our game as far as playing some deeper cuts, but in the end, everyone LOVES the hits!

Have you ever had any strange performance requests?

Only in the bedroom…I am pretty open minded there, as well as on stage!

What was your favourite date on last years acoustic tour?

Manchester never fails…But the KOKO in London was amazing. I am excited to be going back there again this year!

How supportive have your fans been over the years?

Unbelievably…We have the best fans on the planet! We are very blessed!

Are there any dates in particular you are looking forward to?

All of them. I love that every night is different, but again, I always love shows in Manchester. OH and we are playing some new cities as well…shit…ok…all of them!

Do you have any festival plans for this year?

We don’t. We got a few offers, but decided to wait until next year and try and cover more than a few…So look out 2013!

What can we expect from the band by the end of 2012?

Lot’s more to come….We are making plans to rule the world as we speak…oh, and a full band tour too!

You can view a full list of tour dates by clicking here now.

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