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With his musical adventure launching at Brit School, FØNX has since embarked on many collaborations.

Blending RnB with his singer/songwriter vibe, which has gained support from stations including Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, Corey Fox-Fardell (FØNX) recently signed to Intune Addicts and ATC.

Following his recent time spent recording new material with producer Tommaso Coliva, we caught up with FØNX
to find out more about his music and future plans.

Can you tell us briefly about your musical journey to-date?

Sure. I studied music at The Brit School for a couple of years which was an amazing experience. I met so many incredibly talented people and friends I still stay in touch with.

Since then over the past couple of few years, I have been gigging, writing and producing at home, on trains and on friends couches – whenever and wherever I can really. Once I get started on a track I can’t put it down.

I went on a songwriting trip to Nashville the summer I left Brit which really opened my eyes to a new world of writing and collaborations. I also had a couple of my songs played on Radio 1 by Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson’s Radio 6 around that time. Last summer, I co-wrote and featured on Norway dance hit ‘Irregular Love‘ by Sonny Alven.

Which bands/artists influence your music currently?

So many bands and artists influence my writing and music currently. D’Angelo, Tame Impala, George Benson, Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar are just a few artists I’m listening to right now.

I sometimes don’t allow my self the time to fall in love with an album as I’m always on the move, writing and producing. These days I get inspired more by particular songs from an artist than a whole album. I guess you need to sit down and switch off the world for five minutes to get into a full record.

Saying that – Bon Iver’s new record is stunning and shoud be listened to as a whole!

Over the last year, you opted to change your sound in music – why did you decide to do this?

It was a pretty natural change. I haven’t put any new music out in the past couple of years, so the sound has been developing itself. I started getting back into the kind of music that I used to love as a kid, just stuff that makes you want to move. I used to and still do love the records my parents played around the house when I was younger – Earth Wind and Fire, Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, Al Jarreau etc.

I feel like the new sound has a new energy to it and I’m having a lot more fun writing and performing it.

What are the main differences between your ‘old’ and ‘new’ sound?

The feel, the energy and I suppose the life in the music.

You’ve recently been working in the studio recording new material, what can we expect from this?

I co-produced an EP in the studio with Tommaso Colliva recently which was so much fun and I’ve just put out the first single ‘Hit Me Hard’ from that EP so you can expect some more new songs to follow in the near future.

Your single has recently been played on stations including Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, how does it feel to hear your track on the radio?

Feels really great and the response has been amazing! As I say it’s been a while since I’ve put anything new out so I’ve been pretty eager for people hear this new music. It feels like a good start having BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio supporting the new single. It’s pretty awesome they exist as they provide a platform for under the radar artists which can sometimes be hard to come by.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

I’m currently working on a couple of projects right now which I’m so excited about but can’t say much about yet. Lots more writing and I have some shows coming up and more new music coming soon.

FØNX will perform at London’s The Water Rats on October 29th.

Listen to FØNX latest single ‘Hit Me Hard’ below:

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