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Draper may not be a name that you’re immediately familiar with, but we can guarantee you’ll have been singing along to one of his tracks.

Draper has been responsible for a number of high-profile remixes for acts including Ellie Goulding, Twin Atlantic and Bring Me The Horizon alongside producing for acts including Cheryl Cole and Lapsley.

In early 2016, Draper returned to his solo roots and released a collaboration with Prides with track ‘Break Over You’ which reached over 1.8 million Spotify plays.

Following the collaboration, Draper released his new EP ‘Luminous’ last month, featuring collaborations with artists including Sam Sure and KYKO.

We caught up with Draper to find out more about his musical journey to date and his plans for 2017 as he prepares to head to SXSW Festival.

After a few years producing in the industry, what was it that made you want to switch to a solo project?

It felt/feels like the right time. I’m confident with my production and the direction my music is heading. My identity is growing stronger the more I push into the solo artist world. I can always write for other people, but I can’t always be young enough to kickstart a solo career!

In terms of writing and producing, do you see these as completely separate entities or do you treat the two processes similarly?

Personally, writing and producing go hand in hand because I’m producing as I’m writing. I don’t sit down and write a song on the piano, I use and manipulate sounds to inspire something interesting/creative.

After returning to the solo project, did you ever expect your first collaboration with Prides to take off in the way it did?

I really love the track so I hoped it would, but for it to take off more than I thought it would is always a great feeling. I hope to recreate that with the next EP/singles! Prides are great writers though so it made the whole process a lot easier.

You’ve collaborated with numerous artists for your recent EP release, how did you select those you worked with?

They were people on my radar, BBC Introducing Kent also helped connect a few. They are all artist in a similar trajectory so it was great to join forces for some songs.

As you’re heading to Texas for SXSW, which artists on the bill would you love to collaborate with if there were no limits?

That Poppy. Just cos.

Do you have any plans to tour the UK in summer?

Absolutely, I’ll be playing a lot of festivals over the summer!

What can we expect from Draper in 2017?

More shows, supporting a tour and more super smash hit singles.

Anything else you wish to add?

I have a Pledge campaign running to support my trip to SXSW, check it out!

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