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Introducing | The Motion Poets

Edinburgh’s music scene has been slowly rebuilding its foundations.

Despite well-loved venues sadly closing their doors, the small venues in the capital are revitalising the music scene with bands continuously adding Edinburgh dates to their touring schedules.

It’s not only the number of gigs that have increased, bands arising from the city are proving their place as these gigs help nourish the local talent.

Since 2016, Teviot Underground has played a part in this resurgence hosting intimate gigs with bands from across Scotland.

The Motion Poets are the latest Edinburgh band to the Teviot stage as they support The Van T’s on September 15th.

We caught up with guitarist Struan Nelson to find out more about the band’s beginnings and what to expect from their forthcoming gig.

For those who haven’t discovered your music, how would you describe the Motion Poets sound?

It’s kind of a melting pot really. There are clear influences from punk, grunge and indie rock. Everyone has kind of brought their own niche to the band and we’ve managed to blend it all together. It’s loud and aggressive for sure, but there’s a strong focus on melodies and energetic beats.

Are there any tracks, in particular, you would recommend our readers check out?

Our debut single ‘One Too Many’ is currently our only released track which I think is a good introduction to what we’re about. We do, however, have some live videos online though from our headline show at Stereo in July. We recorded one of our newest tracks ‘Blue Eyed Monster’ which I think is a good indicator of where we’re taking our sound. We’ve only been playing less than a year (I think the Teviot gig is within a couple of days of the one year anniversary of our first gig!) so we’re definitely still at the stage of experimenting with our songwriting and finding out what we can do. We’d probably suggest getting on to YouTube and watching that track as it best shows The Motion Poets are at now.

You’ve performed numerous shows across the summer, have there been any standout dates?

The summer was really great for us. We played our first headline shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness, as well as a lot of other things. It was great playing up in Inverness as it’s really the first time we’ve branched out of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was a surprisingly great turnout as well so that was a highlight. We also played our first outdoor gig at BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals which was a great experience.

What can we expect from your Teviot set?

We played Teviot earlier this year with The Cliftons and we loved it. It’s a great venue and we know the room’s going to be buzzing with energy as it’s the Friday of Fresher’s Week. We’ll definitely be giving it as much energy as possible. We’ve got our set really tight over the summer so I think we have a lot more freedom to get loose on stage and get everybody moving.

Being based in Edinburgh, are there any fellow Edinburgh bands you’d love to gig with?

Despite none of us actually being from Edinburgh, (we all moved from other parts of Scotland to study here) we’re glad that we’ve come into the Edinburgh scene now because there are some fantastic bands gigging around the city regularly. It’s great to sometimes see contrasting bands on a bill as well, there’s a lot of sonic variety within Edinburgh’s music scene. We’re lucky to have played with some of our favourite Edinburgh bands already. Mt Doubt. and Ayakara are two bands I can think of that we like and would love to play with. We’re friendly with the girls and guys in Skjor and it’s great to see how they’ve developed recently and we’ve never gigged with them yet so that would be cool too.

What are your band aims for the rest of 2017?

We’ve got some exciting stuff planned out for the rest of the year that we’ve not yet announced. We were back recording at 45 A-Side in the summer so there’ll be new music coming within the next couple of months. I think people will be surprised with what we have. Our first single ‘One Too Many’ was definitely our light-hearted pop song and the next release will kind of be the other end of the spectrum where there’s a darker and heavier tone (and a lot of fuzz). We have some special gigs lined up with the release so people should definitely watch out as we’ll be making announcements very soon!

We’re also competing in the SoundWaves music contest and we’ll be filming a live session in October as part of this and it’ll be posted online. There are also tickets available online to attend the live session!Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to play new places. We’re yet to play Dundee and we’d love to play down in England.

Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to play new places – we’re yet to play Dundee and we’d love to play down in England. Hopefully, we can make that happen by the end of the year! We’ll continue to write more as well as I think we’re beginning to reach the point where we have a collection of songs that we’d like to release as our debut EP!

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