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At just eight years old, Rebekah Kirk discovered her musical talent.

After a week-long theatre summer school, she landed her first solo and spent time tirelessly rehearsing to perfect her first shimmer in the spotlight.

Her musical talent has since gone on to see her join Scottish Music Centre’s Hit The Road initiative as she was hand-picked from thousands of applications to join the tour in 21016.

Now, as she prepares to work on her debut EP, we caught up with Rebekah to find out more about her music and her plans for 2017.

For those who have yet to discover your music, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as indie pop/rock possibly, I’ve never really been that sure of a genre that I fit into so I’d say that is the closest thing.

Are there any artists in particular that inspire your music?

I’m definitely inspired by Stevie Nicks, I just think she’s so talented – she has such a distinctive voice and is an incredible songwriter, I don’t think she has brought out anything I didn’t like.

In terms of a live set, do you switch between solo and full band performances?

At the moment, I’ve only been doing solo performances, I’ve just gotten a band together so we just need to start rehearsing and then we’ll be ready to perform!

If you could tour with any UK artist currently, who would it be and why?

I’d say Florence + The Machine, I love their sound and how unique they are.

You’re currently working on your new EP, what can we expect from the release?

I’m hopefully due to start working on the EP at the summer, if it all goes to plan it’ll be ready for release early next year, all the songs are ready so it just depends on how quickly we can get the sound right as a band.

Do you have any plans for shows this summer?

So far I am performing at The Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow on the 21st May as part of the Rockathon for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity alongside a couple other bands and musicians too. Hopefully I’ll be booked for more events/gigs nearer the time!

What are your aims for 2017?

My aims for 2017 are to get my band rehearsing, writing and making a start on the EP, also to be known and recognised more for my music!

You can listen to one of Rebekah’s own tracks ‘Who Has Your Heart’ below:

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