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Australian alt-rockers Skies Collide first caught our attention with the release of their new single ‘Run Wild’.

Building up a fan base in their hometown of Brisbane, with shows alongside Mayday Parade, Hands Like Houses and Emarosa, it’s time for the UK to take note.

With a wide range of British bands influencing their music from Young Guns to You Me At Six, we caught up with Skies Collide to find out more about their music and hopes to head overseas.

Can you tell us about the formation of Skies Collide?

Skies Collide was formed by our singer Brittany and guitarist Liam. We were playing together in a different band at the time and something just didn’t seem to be working and we weren’t happy with the way the sound of that group was going. We decided to start something on our own that was based a lot more on our own influences and music that we enjoyed writing and playing so much more, which became Skies Collide.

How have things progressed musically for you since then?

Since our first 2 EPs, our songwriting has progressed a lot. We have a much better grasp on what constitutes good songwriting, like how to structure songs effectively and how to balance different elements within songs so everything works together harmoniously rather than in a competition for space.

You’ve previously cited your influences as including UK bands such as You Me At Six and Young Guns, what is about these bands that inspire you?

Young Guns were probably one of the main bands that led us to have the epiphany moment we needed to show us that we weren’t happy in our previous band and that we needed to move on to something new. They were touring Australia at the time and when we saw them play we loved it and something just clicked for both of us and we said hey! We wanna write music like that! They’ve been an inspiration for us ever since.

If you had to recommend one Australian band for us to check out, who would it be and why?

Awaken I Am, they’re from our hometown of Brisbane and they’re a great bunch of guys. We’ve played with them loads and they’re always on the up and up. They’ve just been signed to Victory Records so you will undoubtedly be hearing about them soon!

For those who haven’t discovered your music, how would you describe the Skies Collide sound?

We’ve often struggled to put a genre to our sound, especially with the new songs we’ve written including ‘Run Wild‘. It fluctuates from straight up pop rock to songs that could probably be described as metalcore at their essence. We love heavy music but we also want to write catchy anthemic songs with pop sensibilities, so our sound is the delicate marriage of these intentions. Ultimately, we hope that this balancing of genres means we have the chance of reaching a wider audience.

With your new single now out, can we expect an EP to follow this summer?

We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but let’s just say we have more where that came from!

Do you have any plans to head to the UK in 2017?

We don’t have any solid plans yet but the UK is high on our priority list of places to tour so as soon as we can manage it, we’ll be there!

Anything else you wish to add?

Thanks for checking us out! Our music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube etc. We have been working really hard behind the scenes and can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been up to! Please stay tuned and subscribe via our social media pages!

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