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It’s been quite the year for Cambridgeshire’s Tom Lumley.

Self-releasing his debut EP ‘Dream City’ in April, his addictive indie sound quickly attracted attention from radio stations, as his name began to appear on festival posters across the country.

Following his festival fueled summer and ahead of his October UK tour, we caught up with Tom to find out more about his musical journey, inspirations and aims for 2017.

Can you tell us how your musical journey began?

It began when I watched Busted on TV once and wanted to do what they did. Funnily enough, we’re playing a festival with them in Nottingham called Splendour, it’s a bit surreal.

Were there any artists in particular that inspired you to follow the music career?

I’d have to say busted were who kick started it but after them Guns and Roses and Arctic Monkeys have both been a massive part in me wanting to carry on my career.

For those who have yet to hear your music, which track would you recommend they start with?

I’d say give the latest single Running From Our Lives or Dream City a crack.

You’ve recently been back in Valhalla Studios, when can we expect to hear new material?

I have, we’re going to enjoy the festival season for now, playing the last EP’s songs, and then we’ll be back in everyone’s ears with new material shortly after.

Do you have any plans to tour your EP again in the autumn?

Although we’ll be playing some of the EP’s songs, we will be mainly touring the new material in autumn. We’re very excited for it!

You’ve performed at a bundle of festivals this summer, are there any, in particular, you’ve favoured?

Yeah, we’ve been a bit spoilt this year. We already played one of my favourites which was Dot To Dot but Splendour, Secret Garden Party and Green Meadows definitely stand out for the rest of the summer.

If you could have one aim for your music in 2017, what would this be?

Our aim at the moment is to keep the fan base growing live and hope to get picked up by a big booking agent who can send us out as support on some bigger tours.

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