Johnny Kills release debut single ‘Let’s Talk About Me’

Brighton/London/York based garage-surf trio Johnny Kills are finally releasing their debut single ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ after exploding onto the blogosphere one year ago.

The young trio self released their debut single proper via Johnny’s Killer Records on June 5th, and is the first in a slated series of Super Sick Summer Singles.

The band mostly base themselves in Brighton and are made up of brothers Tim (guitars, vox) and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings (bass, keys, vox) and friend Cameron Gipp (guitars, vox).

New single ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ follows on from the release of two demos records which garnered a lot of online attention – the fiery ‘Take It Easy’ and the decidedly more breezy ‘Maybe Next Year’.

“Let’s Talk About Me’ is about the frustrations of hanging out with people who spend the whole evening talking about themselves,” explains Tim, “before realising you kinda just want to talk about yourself too.”

Check out why these boys are making waves below in this T-riffic video!

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