Live Review | The Amazons | Edinburgh Liquid Rooms

A few years ago, The Amazons arrived in Edinburgh for a show at the Mash House.

Setting up in the tiny venue, the band took to the stage and played to little more than the fellow supports and staff.

Fast-forward to now and the band stepped on stage to the roar of a sold-out crowd at The Liquid Rooms.

Opening with ‘Ultraviolet’ they kicked off a night packed full of energy and unaided singalongs.

Attracting an extremely mixed crowd, from older leather jacket-clad fans head bopping with pints to young fans screaming and sweating down front, The Amazons have created music that has a broad appeal from those holding onto the 90’s guitar music days to youngsters following the new indie revival.

It wasn’t until they launched into ‘Stay With Me’ that the sweat induced jumping began, as the track saw the crowd instantly leap forward to pack down the front for singalongs and ‘Here We F*cking Go’ chants aplenty kicking off a truly Scottish show.

From full throttle with energetic solos and headbanging to laidback singalongs with ‘Raindrops’, the band’s onstage connection, both between each member and the crowd, results in each track sounding as strong as the recorded versions infused with added energy, sweat and passion.

It was ‘Black Magic’ that instantly ignited a spark of excitement with the single cleverly blended into ‘Millions (The Party)’ – a surprising move which added a new live element to the single rounding off with a very impressive solo from Chris Alderton.

Taking time to showcase his vocal talent, frontman Matt Thomson slowed things down with stripped back track ‘Palace’ before launching into ‘Junk Food Forever’ resulting in unaided mass singalongs with crowd members singing in the faces of newly formed friends who connected over the music.

The Amazons have managed to carve their place as one of this year’s most promising bands. The Reading rockers are armed with their stadium-ready singles and are tackling the UK’s touring circuit with ease.

Post Author: Claire White

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