Live Review | Busted | Usher Hall Edinburgh

15 years ago Busted burst onto the UK’s music scene.

Within two years, the band had racked up four number one singles and two triple platinum albums, selling more than 5 million records.

Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne were one of the most successful bands in the country, but in 2005 it was time for Busted to go their separate ways.

Following numerous musical ventures, fast-forward 12 years and Busted were about to step back onto the stage at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall with their original line-up in tow.

Opening for the band on the night were Natives who have created a unique tribal blend which transported fans on a tropical trip for a dance in the rainforest – a great choice to get the crowd grooving.

As deafening screams filled the venue, Busted strutted onto the stage, blasting straight into ‘Kids With Computers’ from their new album ‘Night Driver’.

Back where they belong, it was evident the band appreciated every second back in the spotlight, as frontman Charlie Simpson commanded the stage with his captivating vocals leading the way.

While the night’s focus was predominately on their new album – with crowd favourites including ‘On What You’re On’ and ‘New York’ – it wasn’t until the older tracks kicked in that the venue truly came to life. The seated audience were suddenly on their feet and their singing overpowered the band as they were ready for a nostalgia trip. Top tracks included ‘Air Hostess’, ‘Nerdy’ and ‘Crashed The Wedding’ transporting them straight back to 2003.

Within the older hits, which were scattered throughout the set, the band had added some of the ‘Night Driver’ elements to their classics including ‘Who’s David’ and ‘3am’, delivering the tracks with a grittier edge and added synth creating a modern twist.

Returning with their new synth-pop sound, it was Charlie’s outstanding vocals which carried through the night particularly within ‘I’m Coming Home’, ‘Night Driver’ and the stunning introduction to ‘Those Days Are Gone’ which had the crowd falling in love all over again.

The trio’s talent has evidently blossomed over the years as they stepped away from their guitar base and showcased a range of new talents throughout the night.

They managed to reignite their on stage bond and continued crowd interaction, however, if it was not for the older tracks in the set, it seems the night would have been missing that live spark. If Busted were a new band on the block, their synth-pop sound would have undoubtedly taken off, but as the crowd were seemingly there for a nostalgia hit, the newer tracks had to work harder to please.

This is the start of a brand new chapter. This is just the beginning…we’ll remember tonight…” and with the promise to return in 2017, it will be interesting to see if fans eventually adopt their new sound and continue to join the journey.

Post Author: Claire White

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