Live Review | Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip | Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

dan le sac scroobius pipTightly squeezed into Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms gathered a crowd of people I wouldn’t automatically assume were fans of hip-hop.

That is the unique selling point of duo Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, they are not necessarily a hip hop or dance act – they are their own entity.

As they appear on stage there is hardly an opportunity for a welcoming applause before they launch into Stunner from their current album ‘Repent, Replenish, Repeat’. It is a confident and ferocious opening song which is full of bitterness. Dan Le Sac’s clanging and industrial back beat gives an even darker edge to this less than conventional break-up song.

Once the lights are raised, Scroobius is seen to be wearing an amusing T-shirt bearing the name ‘The Smiths‘, with an image of Will Smith and family. For all the dark and serious subject matter laden throughout their songs, Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip are in fact an extremely funny pair.

They were full of banter, offering a playful analysis of the Proclaimer’s hit 500 Miles, and kept up a constant interaction with the audience and each other. It can only be assumed that the pair have a solid relationship, and know how to endear themselves to a Scottish crowd!

What followed was The Beat That My Heart Skipped a song which to me points out how they think of themselves as an oddity to the hip hop scene and don’t want to be categorised or placed within certain boundaries. Nevertheless this song and Look for the Woman from their debut album ‘>Angles’ made for the first sing along moments of the night.

As much as fans of the pair enjoy an infectious chorus, they are also open to hearing their slower songs. All eyes were transfixed on Scroobius as he went through a series of costume changes for Angles, which shows how one single act can be seen from various perspectives. Next up, he tackles Terminal, a heartbreaking retelling of the death of a terminally ill friend. Both songs show off the performer that Scroobius Pip is, he is a man of conviction and the ability to hear every word he speaks is all the more affective.

Gold Teeth and Get Better get the crowd in a bit of a frenzy again, full of positive lyrics such as ‘the system might fail you, but don’t fail yourself’.

Joining the duo on stage was the night’s support acts, Sarah Williams White and Itch. In 2011 Sarah collaborated with Dan Le Sac in her EP, Hide The Cracks. She has a slightly shy disposition about her, but her confidence shines through with her pitch perfect voice. Itch joins the boys for Stiff Upper Lip, which serves as the most ‘hip hop song’ of the night, with a lot of finger-pointing action from the audience.

For the latter part of their show, Scroobius produces a large notebook which we are left to assume contains all of his scribblings and proceeds to read aloud You Will See Me. The ‘Tron-esque’ backing rhythm provided by Dan Le Sac builds the momentum as he sets about condemning the put downs of others, until he practically explodes with the fevered hatred of their ignorance. At this point we are left in no doubt of his talent, he has proved himself to us and we see Mr Pip very clearly!

Continuing with the notebook, the next song Thou Shalt Always Kill is a more comedic dig at popular culture and society. As the lyrics say, ‘The Smiths – just a band’, which perhaps explains his choice in T-shirt.

After rapturous applause from the crowd, Scroobius and Dan came back on to play the gig out with Introdiction and A Letter From God To Man. It was here that Dan Le Sac was allowed to turn a standard Monday night into a weekend rave with a ten minute DJ set ending on The Prodigy’s Voodoo People.

Although most of the songs are serious in their nature, this was not reflected in the mood of the crowd. They can distance themselves from the dark subject matters in their songs by having a laugh, which is a wonderful contrast and in turn the songs resonate more.

As Scroobius Pip endeavours to confront life’s difficult situations through his poetry, it can be certain that Dan Le Sac will be there to lighten things up. They both seem modest, unaffected by fame or adoration, which is why they work so well as a team.

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