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Live Review | Deaf Havana | The Queen’s Hall

Tuesday night gigs can always go one of two ways – a quiet, uninterested crowd or an ‘up for anything even if we’ve got work tomorrow’ attitude!

Luckily for us, the almost sold out crowd at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh were ready for a night with Deaf Havana.

It’s great when audiences make their way down to a venue in time to see the opening acts, and it was clear the Decade felt the same. The five-piece kicked things off in style to an already busy room, bringing upbeat rock tunes that you couldn’t stand still to. Ending their 30 minute set with ‘Daisy May’, a song about that person you just can’t get out your head, the boys from Bath were a hit with the crowd.

Decade were followed by Black Foxxes, who were performing their first Edinburgh gig, bringing a switch in tempo, but no less capturing.

Next up…Deaf Havana – this was when the crowd really came to life.

As the five-piece took to the stage they were met with rapturous applause, whoops and cheers from the now packed-out hall.

The set was predominately filled with songs from their latest album, but some of the classics from their 12-year back catalogue made their way in there too – much to the pleasure of the Tuesday night audience.

‘Trigger’ was a real crowd-pleaser with the whole of the Queen’s Hall taking part in a sing-along. The crowd was littered with enthusiastic ‘super-fans’ that seemed very happy to have the band in their hometown.

Interspersing sections of the show with Stranger Things clips was an unexpected set twist…although a spoiler alert would have been appreciated for those in the audience who have not yet fully caught up on the series!

Coming back on stage for an obligatory encore, Deaf Havana brought the evening to an end with ‘Boston Square’ and ‘Anemophobia Part II’ from their most recent album ‘All These Countless Nights’.

Deaf Havana are now setting off on the European leg of their tour.

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