Live Review | Jaws | The Caves

Known for their atmospheric indie sound, The Caves provided the perfect backdrop for Jaws visit to Scotland’s capital.

With its cavern surroundings and perfectly lit backdrop, there was a surprising turnout from the start of the night for Birmingham’s indie trio.

Supports Social Contract and Marsicans were an extremely strong combination, with the crowd engaged throughout both sets with the bands showcasing the two split sides to Jaws sound. Social Contract eased fans into the night with their traditional gritty rock, but, in particular, Marsicans are ones to watch. With an extremely versatile set overflowing with catchy indie pop tunes, they commanded the venue with ease as their cheery set left a euphoric feeling with their sprightly sun-kissed singles.

As the lights dimmed, Jaws impressive lighting set up led the way as the band launched straight into ‘Surround You’ with its glistening indie pop kicking things off.

It wasn’t until the set’s halfway mark that the band, and crowd, cranked the energy up. Following a few songs which back-to-back contained a lot of similar samples, this upbeat section truly brought the set to life ensuring a mass dance-along with the politest, and perhaps strangest, ‘mosh pit’ around as denim jacket clad friends held hands and danced in the centre of the ‘pit’ to ‘Just A Boy’. Particular set highlight ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ launched this section as parents at the back of the room, who had coyly been standing clutching their teenager’s jackets, began head-bopping along as their youngsters shouted the lyrics out loud down the front.

After a quiet start with little crowd interaction, frontman Conor Schofield seemingly grew more confident track-by-track as Jaws sound provided the perfect backdrop for his distinctive vocals.

The continued flow of tracks with added pop injections, including hit ‘Stay In’, brought the Jaws’ journey full circle with their influx of teenage fans poised to sing along to every word.

With their chilled out vibe, they eased their way through the set engaging a usually tough to crack Monday night crowd with their niche sound.

There’s something about Jaws’ live set that manages to encapsulate that carefree feeling as their psychedelia sound is almost hypnotic ensuring you’ll leave your worries at the door.

Post Author: Claire White

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