Live Review | King No-One | King Tut’s Glasgow

King No-One headlined Glasgow’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut with a sultry and shimmering Saturday night show.

One thing was immediately evident, King No-One know exactly who they are and where they want to be.

With a confident but cool attitude, they wasted no time inviting fans to join them on a musical adventure with frontman Zach Lount commanding the stage.

King No-One have crafted a unique blend providing an alternative mix throughout, from softer tracks to rockier anthems which would go down a treat in venues triple the size, the band had you on your toes wondering what style of track was up next.

Tracks including ‘Constellations’ showcased the band’s heavier edge, ‘Say My Name’ returned to their sultry indie blend while ‘Alcatraz’ was overflowing with funk.

The band explained their delight at the reception on just their second show in Glasgow as extravagant frontman Zach climbed around the stage sporting an unbuttoned shirt and glitter marks on his face as he swigged from a bottle of wine.

The theatrical frontman, think Bowie meets Mercury, may have danced around the stage most of the night, but despite this powering presence, the main focus was still on their music. His confident but down-to-earth attitude managed to maintain a close connection with fans with his sultry vocals leading the way.

As expected, it was the band’s arguably most known single ‘Antichrist’ which drew the biggest reception on the night as the crowd were treated to a singalong up close as the band stepped off the stage and into the audience, much to the delight of the phone cladding girls.

King No-One have created a very unique blend which is bound to appeal to a wide fanbase. With a set combining indie alternatives fronted by a spellbinding lead singer, expect to see a lot more of King No-One as their charisma and individuality is bound to take them far.

Post Author: Claire White

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