Live Review | The LaFontaines | Sneaky Pete’s

If you’re in Scotland, you’ll struggle to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard of The LaFontaines.

With three sold-out Scottish shows within one month, they’ve built a reputation for one of the best live bands in the country.

Describing the Sneaky Petes show as a ‘kick about’, before their mammoth Glasgow Barrowlands headliner in November, the band took the opportunity to test out their new album tracks live in the intimate venue in Edinburgh.

With no support, they blasted their way through the set track after track with an energetic buzz in the air from the first note.

As their new album portrays how they’ve progressed, it’s with the added live spark that the new tracks truly come to life. With choruses primed for singalongs and an injection of electro, the new mix creates an enticing blend with new album tracks ‘Common Problem’, ‘Armour’ and ‘Asleep’ particular highlights.

Throwback track ‘Pon De Fonts’ is always worth a mention and this time around saw the venue off their feet, with frontman Kerr Okan swapping the stage for the floor joining in the buzz on the floor.

Adding in classics from their first album kept up engagement for those who weren’t quite brushed up on the new lyrics for singalongs, with the blend working extremely well despite both albums having a distinctive sound.

From kebabs to shampoo (yes, seriously), their banter throughout showcasing the band’s down-to-earth attitude, welcoming all to the night. It’s evident they’re at home on the stage and are truly doing what they love.

There’s no one quite like The LaFontaines. Far from slotting into a pre-fabricated music mould, they’ve continually showcased their versatility, with a distinctive sound like no one else.

Post Author: Claire White

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