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Just 6 months ago, Lewis Capaldi uploaded his first single online.

Now, he’s racked up over 20 million plays on Spotify, his music is regularly played on BBC radio and he is headlining a sold-out tour across Scotland.

With his Edinburgh show selling out in seconds, the gig marked the first night of his tour as he clambered onto the tiny stage via the crowd and joked about his ‘big arrival’.

Strapping his guitar on and launching straight into ‘Half The World Away’ his vocals were mesmerizing from the get-go, he instantly charmed the crowd with his unbelievable vocals which were without fault the entire stripped back set.

As a relatively new artist, the show gave Lewis the chance to showcase brand new material throughout, including balladesque love song ‘Something Borrowed’ to vocally impressive enchanting single ‘Fade’, with the acoustic atmosphere adding to the relaxed vibe in the tiny venue.

Set highlights came in the form of new track ‘Bamboo’, an extremely catchy and slightly more upbeat number with memorable lyrics that are radio ready, lively love song ‘Touch’ and, of course, his most widely known track ‘Lost On You’, an unbelievable vocally-focused track with poignant lyrics.

He breezed his way through the set and despite admitting he was nervous, there were no signs of this as his charming humble personality made it feel like you were sat in his front room for a sneak album preview. His captivating voice and composition are unlike any other Scottish solo artist on the circuit and at points, it was hard to believe the switch from his broad Scottish accent to angelic singing voice.

With just two singles, you’d think it would be difficult for an artist to engage a sold-out room with unknown tracks. For Lewis Capaldi, it was easy. At most gigs nowadays, laid-back in sets can become a sea of phones and chatter, but on this night the venue remained in silence, all eyes on him, captivated by his voice.

Lewis Capaldi’s vocal talent is undeniable and he is without a doubt one of the top new artists of the year.

We’re sure he’ll be a household name in years to come and we’re glad to say we’ve seen him in such intimate surroundings before everyone else catches on.

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