Live Review | Mallory Knox | Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

Mallory Knox headlined a sold out Liquid Rooms celebrating the release of their new album ‘Wired’.

With their third album introducing fans to a matured Mallory Knox sound, the night was a swagger-fuelled session brimming with confidence, as the band proved they’ve broken the barriers of their initial sound and are ready to crank it up.

Launching straight into ‘Giving It Up’, frontman Mikey Chapman’s sultry vocals led the way as track kick started the night with a high-energy introduction.

Inviting fans to enjoy the new chapter of Mallory Knox, this bold and brash attitude continued throughout the night with rock injections including ‘Dying To Survive’ showcasing the band’s new sound with its infectious interaction.

Mallory Knox took the time to perform tracks from across their four-year span, taking fans back to 2014’s ‘Asymmetry’ with a stronger crowd reaction for older tracks which were infused with singalongs and Scottish chants galore. These were certainly favoured on the night as crowdsurfers made their way across the venue.

The band’s engagement with the crowd was strong throughout as they commanded the venue, allowing each member their time to shine including impressive guitar solos packed with raucous riffs in new album track ‘Lucky Me’.

At times, however, some of the songs did not quite manage to stand their own, with a few tracks sounding rather alike when performed back-to-back.

Seeming more at ease when it was time for older tracks, once the band find their comfort and confidence within the new release live, and once fans have had time to brush up on their lyrics increasing interaction, the show is bound to come more to life.

There’s no denying Mallory Knox know how to work a sold out show. With crowd surfing, chants and interaction aplenty, they commanded the room for every second of their set .

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