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Live Review | Nothing But Thieves | La Belle Angele

Nothing But Thieves made their Edinburgh debut to a packed out La Belle Angele.

Before the band had even entered the room, the ‘here we f*cking go’ chants had begun in anticipation for the night ahead.

Launching into opener ‘Ban All The Music’ the crowd were automatically headbanging in time with the track receiving the ultimate opening reception, kickstarting the energy for the heated night ahead.

From grooving along to ‘Wake Up Call’, headbanging to ‘Ban All The Music’ and unaided mass singalongs in ‘Drawing Pins’, the crowd joined the band on a musical journey.

Showcasing tracks from their debut album alongside a few new singles, the band also took the time to revisit their first EP ‘Emergency’ with the toned-down tunes showing the progression the band has made since its release in 2014.

Nothing But Thieves also took the chance to pay tribute to Chris Cornell, with a cover of Audioslave’s ‘Cochise’ which was a great touch and certainly did the track justice.

Soundtracked by frontman Conor Mason outstanding vocals, he commanded the room track-by-track. His extremely impressive vocal range is polished to perfection and is undeniably one of greatest vocalists we’ve seen.

There was no need for an encore, ending on ‘Trip Switch’ and ‘Amsterdam’, the crowd were in the band’s clutches hanging onto every lyric sung.

Nothing But Thieves are a band who already sound set for stadium stages, with only one album behind them.

They are more than ready for the next stage of their career and if this night was anything to go by, it won’t be long before they’re a household name in British rock.

Post Author: Claire White

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    (June 8, 2017 - 4:36 pm)

    Its a mark of true showmanship when you can command a room like Mason can, no matter the size of the venue. The raw energy of a live music show, especially with such a talent band, is truly one of the finer points of life. Thanks for sharing this concert experience!

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