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Live Review | The Script | The Usher Hall

It’s been 16 years since The Script fatefully formed one day in Dublin.

As their debut album was released to high success, they began gaining chart spots and winning accolades as they toured the UK.

With releases scattered across the years, they managed to maintain a radio reputation, but quietly slipped out of the spotlight before taking a year-long hiatus.

Now, The Script are well and truly back.

With an impressive entrance fit for an arena, The Script treated Scotland to an intimate show ahead of the release of their fifth studio album ‘Freedom Child’.

Casually strolling on stage, frontman Danny O’Donoughe entered the room to a sea of phone lights as they wasted no time propelling straight into ‘We Rock The World’.

With high energy from the first step on stage, there was no time for a break as they brought the renowned Irish musical spirit to Edinburgh.

‘Paint The Town Green’ was a giddy anthem that livened up the crowd, transporting them to a good old knees-up in a pub in Dublin’s iconic Temple Bar, a great nod to the band’s heritage with a single that encapsulated the essence of Ireland with a modern twist.

From an Irish jig to ‘Good Ol’ Days’ with hip hop rock elements intertwined, The Script continuously showcased their surprising versatility. For a band who are continuously pigeonholed towards pop, rather than rock, due to their radio listed singles, they shattered the pop image in a live capacity within one song.

Mid-set Danny took full advantage of the small venue and appeared in the upstairs circle treating fans to a sing along as he danced his way along the front row singing along and taking selfies, much to the crowd’s delight. A charming move that made the whole room feel involved, breaking the barrier between the split venue levels.

Taking the time to showcase tracks from their new release, including ‘No Man Is An Island’ a fantastic track which encouraged crowd engagement despite being unheard, Danny explained the compelling meaning behind their future album: “Freedom has been under attack recently. The freedom to do what you wanna do, say whatever is on your mind, the freedom to believe whatever you wanna believe in, be whoever you wanna be and do whatever you wanna love…“.

Oozing passion for their music, with a versatility in style and songwriting, each member showcased their talents individually from love-struck ballads with charming vocals to rockier anthems with impressive guitar solos.

The album may mark the first full-length studio release from the trio since 2014, but it was clear that the stage is their home. The Script performed a slick set overflowing with energy, proving why they’ve managed to continue selling out shows after a decade.

Judging by the newer tracks, ‘Freedom Child’ is certainly worth a listen and if you have the chance to see them live, snap up the tickets as you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised.

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