Live Review | With Confidence | Glasgow King Tut’s

Young aussie pop-punkers With Confidence headlined an intimate show at King Tut’s.

Hitting the road with Broadside, Safe to Stay and Milestones, the night brought a sweaty pop-punk fuelled night to a cold night in Glasgow.

Before With Confidence stepped onto the stage, the traditional Glasgow welcome – ‘here we f*cking go’ chants – began from the young crowd who had excitedly clambered around the stage.

The Aussie pop-punkers leapt onto the stage with beaming smiles, opening with ‘Voldemort’ – a brave start to open with arguably your most known song, but this simply kick-started the show with a high-energy introduction.

Keeping up the momentum, the band propelled into ‘Archer’ continuing the singalongs as the crowd embraced every moment. A Scottish flag was thrown onto the stage as the energetic four-piece bounded across the small stage interacting with the crowd at any given moment.

A particular set highlight during the night was during track ‘Long Night’ with the audience singing along unaided. Other top tracks from the four-piece came in the form of ‘Keys’ and ‘We’ll Be Okay’.

With a mix of older tracks also thrown into the mix as they worked their way through their debut album release, it’s hard to believe this was With Confidence’s UK headline tour as they commanded the stage with ease and put on a show overflowing with energy.

With Confidence have managed to create a refreshing sound with their extremely impressive debut album release which transcended well to a live set, keeping the pop punk principles close to their chest, the band has added their own twist to the trademark genre.

As many pop punk bands begin to reform and hit the road for reunion stints, they can be rest assured that the well-loved genre can be left in the capable hands of bands including With Confidence to take the reins and lead the way.

Post Author: Claire White

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