All Time Low

Sian Clay

American pop punk band All Time low returned to the UK this February, stopping off at Bristol’s much-loved 02 Academy. 

Before stepping foot inside the venue you could tell the night was going to be a good one, as excited fans queued around the venue waiting for the doors to open. The minute the doors opened fans rushed to the barrier to get as close as they could to their favourite American band.

With two fantastic support bands to kickstart the show, getting the excitable crowd into the mood, the time had finally come for All Time Low to grace the crowd with their presence.

The music came to an end and the lights dimmed, the tension grew and the time had finally come as each member took their place on stage.

The band kickstarted the show with Somewhere In Never Land a track taken for the newly released album Don’t Panic and seemed to be an excellent opener as it sent the crowd wild, with them singing along to the Peter Pan inspired song.

Next up was Forget about it an older favourite from the bands Nothing Personal album, the crowd loving every moment as they clapped their hands and sang along.

The band soon took a brief moment to say hello to the crowd, only a few songs in and guitarist Jack Barakat already had a selection of bra’s proudly hanging from his microphone stand. 

They didn’t waste much time before continuing the set, which was loaded with tracks from their new album Don’t Panic, as well as older tracks from previous albums.

Another stand out song came from Stella which the crowd went crazy for; screaming the lyrics back at the band. Fans were seen taking it to the next level by starting a mosh pit to the song.

All Time Low introduced old classics to the show including Jasey Rae and Coffee Soundtrack which non-surprisingly the crowd were very happy to hear.

Slowing things down a little, Jack and bassist Zack Merrick left the stage as frontman Alex Gaskarth performed Remembering Sunday. The crowd joined in from the first word, singing their hearts out even overpowering Alex’s fantastic vocals at times.

The set continued to showcase the brilliant songs All Time Low have created over the past few years including: Therapy, Lost In Stereo and Time Bomb another song which the crowd went crazy for singing along and jumping up and down.

The band departed from the stage leaving the crowd wanting more, it wasn’t long until the ‘encore’ chants began. Thousands of fans clearly weren’t ready to go home just yet as they cheered, clapped and stamped their feel until All Time Low finally appeared back on the stage. 

Finishing the show off with Weightless and another old favourite Dear Maria the crowd made the most of their last song of the night, dancing, singing, jumping up and down and even the odd crowd surfer made their way to the front of the stage before being carried out.

Jack decided to get up close and personal with the crowd, as he climbed in amongst them, security holding onto him tightly, before finally pulling him back to say a final goodbye as the band left the stage.

Overall a tireless and enthusiastic show, the All Time Low boys never fail to put on an unforgettable show, the band make the night not only with their songs but with their on-stage banter between one another and the crowd.

The band performed a well chosen set combined with old and new songs which the crowd clearly loved, the reactions to the songs showed what a dedicated fan base the band have.

We hope to see All Time Low back touring very soon.

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