BBC EdFringe Music – August 3rd

Claire White

This year the BBC have upped their game in the music stakes at the Edinburgh Fringe.

With their new layout and additional outdoor space, they are providing daily music sets in their large pink tent from 5pm. Come rain or shine – bands will take to the stage throughout August providing up and coming talent with a new platform to show the EdFringe crowds exactly what they’ve got.

Cancel The Astronauts opened the BBC music stage with a strong set. The band had a fantastic mix of songs and the crowd were engaged throughout. As it had an early evening kick off, there was a more relaxed feel to their set than your usual ‘gig’ with the crowd sat around tables spread across the fairy-lit tent.

Later in the night, we made our way back to the BBC tent to catch Bwani Junction. The band were ‘headlining’ the tent taking to the stage at 9.45pm. Already the atmosphere had completely changed, the crowd were louder, the bar was busier and people had gathered around the front of the stage sat on the floor. The tent had already transformed into a gig-like venue with people also standing all around the bar and sides of the tent. A lot of the band’s material showcased their instrumental talent with ease. The band announced this was their fourth gig in just 24 hours – yet they made their stage presence strong throughout their set and continued full energy until the very end.

With band and crowd interaction, the band look relaxed on stage and as the crowd were all standing up for their last song and joining in – the band proved why they were selected to treat the Fringe crowd. This was confirmed as the crowd chanted ‘one more tune’ and the band replied ‘let me see if we’re allowed!’. With permission granted, the band let the fans pick their last song as people down the front were singing and dancing along bringing their set to a strong close.

Overall, we think this is a fantastic idea allowing bands to showcase their material to new audiences and we will no doubt be spending a lot of our August tuned in to what the BBC has to offer!

To find out who is performing and for daily event updates, follow @BBCEdFest on Twitter.

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