Brigitte Aphrodite

By Megan Walker

The gorgeous Brigitte Aphrodite really captivated the people of Leeds at the Metropolitan University this weekend, supporting Kate Nash.

By not having any real backdrop, just a simple cardboard cut out with the singers logo on, she left the audience in suspense and already started a talking point about what was in store, before she had even entered the stage. The singer, who is from Bromley, came on stage promoting both a quirky personality and dress sense, which proved an instant hit with the crowd, particularly as she had already referred to herself as a ‘twat’ and told the crowd how she’d had a ‘lovely day in Leeds’.

The singer opened with ‘She’s A Blue Ice Cream Ring’ and really entertained the audience with her controversial lyrics on adult humour. Giving what seemed one million percent in to her performance Brigitte and her band members, which three days prior to the gig got the name ‘The VOB’s”, looked to be having the time of their lives on stage; performing not only musically but also comically.

Her set included her taking the audience back in time with track ‘Streets of Bromley, to tell us about fifteen year old Brigitte Aphrodite and her past experiences with boys, school and not having ID on nights out!

Through the set, Brigitte’s bassist ‘Hot Pixie’ asked the audience if anyone had any Vaseline. This caused a lot of on stage banter between the band and the audience, showing although Brigitte was fully dedicated with what she was doing, she proved that she didn’t take herself too seriously, just as her lyrics show.

On her final song ‘Dance With A Stranger’, Brigitte and the VOB’s confirmed they’d won the people of Leeds’ heart over, as everyone was dancing in a low lit Leeds Met University. Her daring move to experiment with the lighting really paid off, adding to the atmosphere of the room and encouraging everyone to really dance with strangers.

At what was the end as what can only be described as a unique and dazzling set, it’s safe to say that Brigitte Aphrodite and the VOB’s will gain a huge fan base through the tour, and I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of them in the upcoming months. Truly brilliant.

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