Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Ian D. Montfort – Unbelievable

Claire White

Ian D Montfort performs in the style of popular mediums as the show completely mimics established medium acts.

Unlike normal mediums, Ian can only ‘contact’ those who are celebrities and on entering the room the audience are asked to write down specific details on pieces of paper which are locked away during the show.

Those familiar with Tom Binns previous Fringe shows with character DJ Ivan Brackenbury, would be getting ready for an hour of parody comedy, yet when he points out audience members and suddenly begins to tell them details that he could not know – how they met, their names, places and more – you realise this is not your typical parody show.

With gasps throughout and people looking at their partners in disbelief, the ‘spiritualism’ aspect worked well.

Unfortunately, it does lose the comedy touch as the spiritualism takes over the majority of the hour. If you are not a fan of this style of show, you may find an hour a little too much.

The show does leave you wondering how he managed to trick the audience into believing he is in fact a real spirit medium, but is not for those looking for an hour full-to-the-brim of comedy.

Ian D Montfort – Unbelievable
Pleasance Courtyard

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