Edinburgh Fringe 2012: The Vocal Orchestra

Claire White

The Vocal Orchestra have made us realise it is in fact very difficult trying to write a review about something that is so fantastic you find it hard to put it into text.

This show made us realise the sheer power of the human voice.

An outstanding hour packed full of vocal tricks from beatboxing to rapping, opera singing to pop and with a showcase of sound effects thrown into the mix – the group truly leave no area untouched.

The Vocal Orchestra have an infectious smiling attitude and show full enthusiasm and energy from start to finish. Each individuals outstanding talent manages to shine through in the show and their versatility is clear within the opening number alone.

We can’t write a review without mentioning their singing abilities, their strong vocals are without a doubt the best live singers we have seen at the Fringe so far.

In particular, the human drumkit vs the human turn-table was an outstanding sketch that worked extremely well showing how their voices can come together.

The human voice becomes more of an instrument than we ever thought was possible, as the show opens your eyes to new ways in which the vocal chords can be used. It’s unbelievable to think it’s only their voices that are creating the variety of complex sounds.

Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic show and the group couldn’t have done any more to amaze us in the hour. With a great mix of songs throughout, there is a chance for everyone to sing along. The show is suitable for all ages and will have you eager to hear more from the talented bunch – we would happily go back and watch it all over again!

One of the best Fringe shows we have ever seen and with a standing ovation at the end – it seems the crowd agree!

The Vocal Orchestra
Udderbelly, Bristo Square

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