Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Tom Thum – Breaking The Habit

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Claire White

Tom Thum returned to Edinburgh this year for his first solo show ‘Breaking The Habit’.

With an extremely clever introduction, Tom managed to win the crowd over within seconds. The audience were literally gasping in disbelief that one man can make such noises with his voice alone.

It wasn’t just the introduction that caused the audience to exclaim their excitement, as the word ‘wow’ echoed through the venue. The show was full of moments you could not believe were his voice alone and applause was sporadically breaking out in amazement at his insane talents.

Just when you think Tom Thum cannot do any more to amaze you, he does. Packing the hour full of amazing vocal tricks, he uses his voice in every way you could possibly think and it is unbelievable that someone can do this with their voice alone.

Showcasing each element of his voice and showing the audience how he creates tracks with each layer is a very clever move that just proves it is not all about learning the skills required to beat box, he is also very technically educated.

In particular, the video segment works extremely well and adds more comedy to the show explaining more about the shows title. It is a fantastic idea and works well in linking the show together, whoever thought of the storyline for this deserves a lot of credit.

There were a few minor hiccups, but these were overcome with ease and did not overshadow the show.

Overall, Tom Thum provides an astounding hour full of insane talent and vocal tricks you simply cannot believe. He promises to literally amaze the crowd and you cannot fault his vocal skills. An amazing show that will leave you in wonder how one man can do so much simply with his voice.

Tom Thum,
Udderbelly Bristo Square,

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