Get People

By Megan Walker

As the lights of the Leeds Metropolitan Student Union dimmed a mixed array of people, varying from young teenagers to middle aged business people, screamed as the stage was filled with bongo drums, numerous mixing desks and also a tropical shaker in the shape of a pineapple.

On to the stage came Get People an unsigned Electronic band from London who have an 80’s vibe to them, and over 45,000 hits on MySpace. The three boys came onto the stage and the front section of the audience began bouncing to the catchy rhythms and upbeat tempo instantly as they played track “Careless”.

They captured the audience’s attention with their tropical beats, and catchy choruses. The singer’s harmonies gave their first song a distinctive sound, which everyone danced a long to. The band launched straight into their second hit which was evidently more upbeat and made the crowd dance more, with the front section beginning to jump and this spreading throughout the hall. The keyboard player was getting everyone in the mood with his dancing and bouncing around. It was clear the band were really enjoying themselves and aimed to get the crowd ready for the main act The Wombats.

After the second song, lead man “Get Dom” announced ‘We are Get People’, from then, the threesome went straight in to their third song which very fittingly featured tambourines and the bongos, making the tropical theme apparent and visible.
The front man’s coordination between his guitar, mac, mixing desk and singing was really fluent giving the band a unique point and showing off their versatile features.

The leads dancing proved another interesting point of the set providing a giggle for some members of the audience, others began to dance along with them and have a laugh. Overall, the dancing paid off when the energy bouncing around on stage filled out throughout the sold out room.

Overall, Get People put on a great performance at The Stage, of Leeds Metropolitan University performing a genius set and gave it their all in each song, showcasing their musical and vocal talent.

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