By Ella Selfe

‘Ivyrise’ has become a commonly known name among frequent gig-goers in London and other cities around England. With the boys appearing in the queues of local gigs to hand out their flyers and offering a quick listen to their music, knowledge of the band has spread rapidly. The dedication of the four-piece can’t be falsified and it definitely pays off, presenting them with a sold out show at the 02 Academy Islington on 29th January. Having played there in July, everyone was eager to find out whether this show would be an even bigger success, but the electric audience certainly made sure it would be a night for the books.

Kicking off with ‘Stuck Beneath The Ice’, the crowd was immediately moving and the exciting buzz continued to grow in the intimate venue. Screams coincided with the impressive vocals of Ben Falinski and it was evident that the dedication that Ivyrise show to their fans is eagerly returned. By the time the set reached ‘Looks Like Heaven’, there were many hands in the air as the instruments and harmonising vocals worked together, creating a fantastic set.

One of the highlights of the set was when the band burst into a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’, their voices and instruments fitting perfectly, but making it entirely their own. It was an obvious crowd pleaser, with even more bodies moving and jumping to the music and several voices accompanying Falinski’s, creating a truly spectacular moment for both the band and the audience.

After the Coldplay cover, the energy inside the venue was higher than ever and following the chant of the band’s name, the four-piece returned to the stage to close the evening with the fantastic ‘Line Up The Stars’ and it was clear it had been a successful night. The crowd were moving with the same energy as at the beginning of the show and the band onstage had an extremely positive air about them, implying their deep satisfaction at how the evening had turned out.

With no album to their name, the set was truly impressive as Ivyrise played an 11 song set of what they’ve created so far in their musical career. Having recently been signed to My Major Company record label, the band will be heading off to Texas this month to record their debut album, which is already greatly anticipated by many.

The band have definitely gained themselves a very dedicated fan base and their dedication deserves recognition. Now that they have the chance to create an album with their talent, there is no doubt that Ivyrise will become an even more commonly known name and their fan base will continue to grow. They surely deserve it.

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