Kids In Glass Houses – Acoustic

By Ella Selfe

London’s St. Pancras station became more than a travel destination on the 20th July as the Station Sessions festival took over the very heart to provide an acoustic set from the Welsh rock band Kids In Glass Houses.

The area surrounding the small stage was packed with pleased fans (and a few curious travellers) who welcomed the quintet warmly as they began their short but sweet set of seven songs.

They began with ‘Gold Blood’, the first single from their new record entitled ‘In Gold Blood’, set for release on August 15th. This was followed by another song from the new album called ‘Not in the World’ and both received extremely positive reactions from the crowd, showing the obvious anticipation and excitement for the new album.

The performance of ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Matters At All’ from their most recent album ‘Dirt’, filled the station with Aled Phillips’ impressive vocals accompanied by those of the many fans crammed into the centre of the walkway around the tiny stage. The inclusion of ‘Pillow Talk’ from album ‘Smart Casual’ pleased fans further and along with a surprise Bon Jovi cover, the audience were enticed and onlookers impressed.

The band finished the set with the second single from the new album, ‘Animals’, providing an excellent end to the set. With the variety of songs and Aled’s constant interaction with the crowd, giving the set a friendly, laid back yet intimate feel, it was definitely an afternoon to remember and left a lot of happy Kids In Glass Houses fans with smiles on their faces.

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