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Thousands of fans took their place in the crowd at the Sold out show at Bristol’s 02 Academy ready for a night with Dublin based band Kodaline.

But before they greeted the crowd there was time for one more support act, brothers Alfie and Harry known as ‘Hudson Taylor’. As the background music stopped, so did the sound of the audience chatting but it wasn’t quiet for long as fans let out a scream as they saw members of Kodaline approach the stage to introduce the duo as this would be the last show the group were supporting.
They kick started their set with ‘Drop In The Ocean’ and as soon as the sound of the guitar was heard, the crowd soon began clapping along to the catchy song.

The band played a fantastic selection of songs from fast upbeat songs you couldn’t help but tap your foot along to beautiful songs that silenced the crowd allowing the bands unique and powerful vocals to fill the room.

Clearly they are an incredibly talented band, not only having outstanding vocals but using a whole array of instruments throughout the set. The band was a perfect support choice and did a fantastic job of getting the crowd ready for the main act of the night.

At the mention of another upcoming show in Bristol many of the audience let out a cheer, so I think it’s safe to say with that brilliant performance you can expect to see a lot of people at that show.
As the stage was cleared and Kodaline’s equipment bought onto the stage the crowd’s excitement grew. After a little chat and a sing along to the background music the time had finally come for Kodaline to make their way to the stage.

The Irish group opened their set with ‘After The fall’ – a great opening song as the crowd clapped and sang along showing they were up for a good night.

The band played various tracks from their recently released album ‘In A Perfect World’. You could tell a few favourites were played, as the crowd sang back the lyrics at the top of their lungs to songs including ‘Brand New Day’ ‘Big Bad World’ and ‘Love Like This’ which sent the crowd wild.

Another song that the crowd went crazy for was the brilliant ‘High Hopes’ as vocalist Steve Garrigan made his way to the keyboard the crowd eagerly awaited the starting of the song.

Throughout the set the band didn’t miss an opportunity to thank the audience and praise them for being a great crowd, which is greatly received as the crowd cheered and clapped in response.

The band continued the set with more fantastic tracks before heading off the stage, but it wasn’t long before the ‘we want more Kodaline’ chants began.

As the crowd watched the stage waiting for the band to return they were surprised as the spotlight shone on the group stood in the balcony beside the stage.

The crowd turned towards them and fans around them let out an almighty cheer realising they are much closer now. The band tried their hardest to quiet the crowd and as the band begin clicking their fingers the crowd follows suit. An amazing sight, witnessing a sold out venue stand almost silently clicking their fingers and they listen intently to the fantastic vocals of this brilliant band covering Sam Cooke’s ‘Bring It On Home to Me’ , accompanied only by Mark Prendergast’s acoustic guitar. An outstanding performance showcasing just how fantastic the bands vocals really are.

Overall, it was an amazing show with not only a fantastic main act but an excellent support act which made you go home wanting to listen to more of their songs. Kodaline didn’t disappoint. A brilliant set from the band, showing what a talented bunch they are, we can’t wait to see them again, no doubt in much bigger venues.

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