Silversten & There For Tomorrow

By Ella Selfe

On 22nd March, There For Tomorrow joined Silverstein at 02 Academy Islington for Silverstein’s headline 6-date UK tour.

Their alternative-rock tunes were definitely catchy; the set featuring both songs from their previously released album, 2009’s A Little Faster, and new tracks which can be expected to be released later on this year. Throughout the set, they didn’t have the entire attention of everyone in the room, but their dedicated fan base made themselves known at the front, singing back the words loudly, obviously thrilled to have the chance to see them over in the UK. Despite the lack of energy from the crowd, they powered through their songs with a high energy of their own, their own fans obviously providing them with motivation as they interacted and filled the intimate venue with their impressive sound.

‘Deathbed’ appeared to be popular, getting the crowd moving more than at any previous point of the night. A mosh pit opened itself up at various points throughout the set, but it definitely lacked gusto and audience members, leaving the impression that the Silverstein fans present weren’t so taken by this four-piece from Orlando, Florida. They ended the set with their blatant hit, ‘A Little Faster’ and with more voices accompanying the vocals of front-man Maika Haini Maile and more arms in the air, it became the highlight of their time on stage for both themselves and the audience.

By the time Silverstein hit the stage, the room was far more filled and the crowd in front of the stage far more prominent. Storming into the set with ‘I Am The Arsonist’ it immediately became obvious why they deserved to be headlining that night. With words immediately being sung back to them from the crowd, the energy in the venue rose quickly, along with the temperature.

‘Smashed Into Pieces’ [from When Broken Is Easily Fixed released in 2003] was an obvious crowd pleaser, gaining huge shouts of approval at the announcement of the song, showing that the London crowd were extremely appreciative of the older songs and continued to be throughout the show. By the time the set reached ‘Already Dead’ the crowd was unstoppable, never failing to disappoint with their voices filling the room alongside the impressive vocals of Shane Told. The crowd were moving for the entire time the Canadian quintet were onstage and several audience members crowd surfing before running back for more.

Following smashing covers of both Kid Dynamite’s ‘Pits And Poisoned Apples’ and American Nightmare’s ‘Hearts’, Silverstein played a new song and despite the crowd not knowing any of the words, the energy was still impressively high, raising the anticipation for their new album Rescue, scheduled for released on 26th April 2011.

‘Your Sword Versus My Dagger’ was another obvious crowd pleaser, and with the band leaving the stage after the brilliant ‘Smile In Your Sleep’ the crowd immediately burst into chants of “Silverstein” showing their immense fondness for the band and making it obvious they didn’t want the night to end. But they didn’t have to wait long, as Shane Told returned to the stage alone, performing ‘Replace You’ and the beginning of ‘My Heroine’ acoustically, before the rest of the band returned to finish the song with him. The night ended with ‘Bleeds No More’ and was a clear success with the response of the crowd being amazing and leaving a very happy band on stage stating that London “kicks everyone’s ass.”

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