The 1975 | Edinburgh | Electric Circus

Claire White

Manchester band The 1975 burst into Edinburgh to play the first Scottish show of their 24-date UK tour at Electric Circus on 26th of January.

With the band unusually deciding to play venues in both Edinburgh and Glasgow there were some concerns that with two venues to choose from, Scottish fans might not manage to fill the crowds as much as hoped. They needn’t have worried however as the 300 capacity room was literally packed to the door and the next night in Glasgow was sold-out entirely.

Arriving on stage at Electric Circus to screams and claps with their images scattered across the backdrop, the surprise on the faces of the band at the enthusiastic turnout was obvious.

Impressively, it was clear from the start that The 1975 sound exactly the same live as they do recorded with top vocals and consistently strong musical talent.

Lead singer Matty Healy admitted to the crowd: “I wasn’t sure about Edinburgh, I thought you’d be quiet!” but if the screams which echoed back are anything to go by, he was very much wrong.

Opening with ‘The City’, the crowd’s attention was immediately grabbed and with no encouragement required they were soon singing and swaying along.

Matty’s Northern accent came through beautifully in the tone of his voice and the well-rehearsed set flowed flawlessly with the transitions between songs working perfectly.

Despite several changes over the years, the boys bond is plain to see on stage and with their catchy rhythms it is near impossible to not dance or tap along.

In particular track ‘Chocolate’, taken from their new EP ‘Music for Cars’ (available from March 4th), received a great crowd reaction and with camera screens lighting up across the crowd to record the tune, it is no surprise that the song has recently been picked up to be played on Radio One.

The venue may have been small, but there is no doubt from this performance that The 1975 could easily work a much bigger venue and would fill festival sots with absolute ease.

The band performed a strong, yet short set packed with a great mix of songs which even had the bar staff showing their appreciation.

It seems we’ve discovered a hidden gem here and this is one band that will not get lost in the treasure chest of up and coming acts.

Ending with a promise of their return to the Capital City, it seems a much bigger venue awaits The 1975 with open arms.

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