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On Saturday 5th November 2011, better known as bonfire night, thousands made their way to Bournemouth’s BIC to see the Nation’s biggest Hip Hop rapper Tinie Tempah.  

As the crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of the man himself the atmosphere built as the band took to the stage. Suddenly the lights dimmed and with a bang appeared Tinie Tempah from beneath the stage, sending the crowd wild.

He emerged wearing a black jumpsuit and rather unusual backpack covered in luminous ‘tentacles’ that looked like something out of a sci-fi film. As ever he sported his trademark glasses.

From the moment Tinie burst onto the stage it was clear that this was going to be a night to remember. The stage consisted of 3 cages each containing a band member all of whom also sported the luminous tentacles.
Tempah played a host of fantastic songs from his album Disc-overy including Frisky,, Written In The Stars and the absolute classic Pass Out.

The show really got off to a flying start as the first few notes of Frisky began. The crowd went crazy, everyone in sight jumping around and getting into the spirit alongside the man himself Tinie Tempah who energetically entertained the crowd jumping all over the stage, engaging the whole crowd as he belted out the anthem.

Tempah did a great job of keeping the show fresh and engaging the crowd, stopping at various points throughout the show to interact and show his appreciation to the fans; thanking them for buying his music and coming to the various sold out shows throughout the country. He spoke about his past and how he rose to fame, the journey he went through to get where he is today. From what he said, just being on stage in front of such a vast crowd all dancing about and singing along to each song obviously meant the world to him.

Tinie kept the show alive and buzzing by performing a range of up beat classics including Written in the Stars which was a memorable song from the show, with mind blowing strobe lighting and huge sparks rising from the stage. The crowd went crazy for it, singing along and belting the lyrics back to Tinie. As the song began to come to an end Tempah took the opportunity for some well-loved crowd participation “I want you all to sing this as loud as you can right now” he informed the crowd. As the backing track and band came to a stop the thousands of fans took the lead by singing the chorus as loud as they possibly could, with a sea of hands clapping along, the atmosphere was electrifying.

Tempah took time to get the crowd involved on a number of occasions throughout the show, which helped to keep to crowd engaged and having fun. As the show reached the midway mark Tinie stripped it down by turning the show slightly acoustic. He started the acoustic set with the fantastic Love Suicide getting the crowd to take part in the song by singing the “Our Love Suicide” lyric, which sounded amazing with everyone taking part. The crowd didn’t have time to relax as Tempah called on them yet again with Tinie splitting the crowd into two sections to see which side was the loudest; each side of the crowd taking it upon themselves to out-sing the other.

The song of the night was without a doubt Miami to Ibiza. As the crowd anticipated the arrival of the next song the arena was greeted with an unexpected pre-recorded video from the Swedish House Mafia themselves saying that they were sorry they couldn’t be there but hoped we had a great show. It wasn’t long until the action really started, as the video ended Tinie added “I think it’s about that time Bournemouth.”  

The music began and Tinie began singing “From Bournemouth to Ibiza, From Bournemouth to Ibiza.” Soon the whole crowd began chanting it with their hands clapping; you could tell they were ready to give this song their all as the strobe lights flickered out among the crowd and the multi-coloured lighting filled the stage. It was like one huge party; the crowd jumping along with Tinie, throwing their hands in the air and just having the time of their lives. The energy didn’t let up for a second during the song and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, well, it does! Tinie asks the crowd to get down as low as they possibly can go; as you look around the crowd seem to get smaller as everyone crouches to the floor, even those who were seated were seen to be ‘getting low.’ As the tempo of the music increased you could feel the suspense and tension in the air until suddenly Tempah gave the word and the whole crowd erupted, jumping from their crouched positions and raved along to the music.

The set carried on with an upbeat vibe, the crowd raring for more. Another memorable moment from the show was from the song Mosh pit which coming from Tempah’s genre you wouldn’t expect to see during his show, but the crowd were more than up for it and followed Tinie’s instructions without hesitation. Forming various circle pits within the crowd, as Tinie chanted “mosh pit, mosh pit”, the crowd joined in encouraging various young boys and girls to throw themselves around the circle and at each other, watched on by thousands of people happily from the safety of their seats. 

Tine ended the show with the massive hit Pass Out which was once again well received, everybody was on their feet, jumping up and down and screaming the lyrics back at Tinie making the most of the last song of an unforgettable night.

Tinie Tempah certainly knows how to put on a show; an energetic, fun-filled gig which had the crowd clapping and jumping up and down for almost the whole time. A show filled with strobe lights, fireworks, smoke and confetti, it was a show that will forever be remembered. Not only is Tinie an outstanding performer, but on-stage comes across a lovely down-to-earth man, speaking from his heart on various occasions throughout the show you could tell it meant the world to him to have the support the crowd were showing him, this was Tinie’s first arena tour but this certainly will not be his last.

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