By Ella Selfe

It’s always hard touring in a foreign country as a support band, perhaps with the majority of the crowd having never heard your name. It’s hard to know what to expect and how well the music will be accepted, but at London HMV Forum on 17th October with a slot supporting The Killers’ vocalist Brandon Flowers on his solo tour, Transfer from San Diego California proved they had nothing to worry about.

It was evident a vast amount of the crowd had never heard of them before and weren’t sure what to expect, but as soon as they burst into the first song of their set, it was clear they would impress.

Placed under the categories of Western Swing, Grime and Zouk, it was intriguing to discover what sounds their instruments and voices would produce, but the heavy guitar riffs and vocals synced wonderfully to create a truly unique sound. They were welcomed onto the stage warmly with screams and cheers and whilst the first song allowed the audience to get accustomed to their sound, by the second song they had the audience’s full attention, with most of the crowd moving along with their impressive melodies and obvious energy on stage.

Playing an absorbing set of songs including many from their ‘Sunken Eyes’ EP released in January 2008, each song was performed professionally. Vocalist Matthew Molarious put a huge amount of passion into his voice and the song ‘White Horse’ was received excellently by the captivated audience.

There was a vast age range within the audience, but the overall reaction was excellent and the quartet thanked them many times for having them. The sophisticated, calm atmosphere of the venue had become alive and the crowd were left even more animated for Brandon Flowers.

The band were clearly grateful for the opportunity to support Brandon and after the show, bassist Shaun Cornell described it as an “incredible” experience. He was also approached several times personally with praise from crowd members and many have said they “would have paid just to see Transfer”, as well as promising to “spread the word” of the band.

Overall, they definitely made an impact on the audience and have impressed London town.

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