We Are The Ocean

By Ryan Wilkinson

It’s April 28th and things are far from calm in the Electric Ballroom moments before We Are The Ocean are due to arrive on stage. As the lights descended, no one could predict what was in store for them.

WATO have been rapidly ascending through the rock ranks over the past two years, selling out headline shows and touring with big names such as The Used, Lostprophets, You Me At Six and Funeral For A Friend. They have gone from strength to strength and tonight they proved themselves – with a live show you could never forget.

Drummer Tom Whittaker took point for a jaw-dropping introduction. A display of skill that the audience only could describe as ‘epic’. A perfect entrance that kicked the show into a high gear from the very start. WATO leapt on stage with ‘What It Feels Like’, the second track from their new album ‘Go Now And Live’. Since the album was released only a few days before the show the response was massive, with every audience member singing the lyrics and opening mosh pits. The energy in the atmosphere became instantly intense.

During their second song ‘Lucky Ones’ lead vocalist Dan Brown picked up an injury that left him in severe pain. With a moments break, the band decided to perform without Dan and for their next song ‘Neck of the Woods’ guitarist Alfie Scully filled in on vocals. Alfie was definitely the right man for the job as he blew the audience away with powerful screams. This truly shows We Are The Ocean are prepared for anything and will not let a single thing get in the way of them performing for their fans.

After ‘Neck of the Woods’ Dan was able to perform again and the audience welcomed him back to let the show continue with him back in place. Dan explained that when he leapt into the crowd he misjudged his landing and hurt his knee on the barrier. It was clear that he was still in pain when he returned, but he pushed through with great support from the fans.

As the show went on their talent never ceased and they boasted their superiority through tight musicianship and energy that most bands can’t match. Connecting with the crowd as much as they could, WATO made this a night to remember.

A couple of old fan favourites were brought into play this evening, ‘Don’t Be Careless’ and ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’ separating the old fans from the new.

Drawing to a close We Are The Ocean went out with a bang with ‘Confessions’. Again the word ‘epic’ was used numerous times from many fans and an epic show it indeed was.

We Are The Ocean have come a long way since their first album release ‘Cutting Our Teeth’. With much more confidence and experience they can deliver a performance that will instantly gain them more and more fans with every show and leave the audience begging for just one more song. This five-piece band can have only nothing but good heading their way, with HUB festival and Slam Dunk festival just around the corner, WATO are going to be making an even bigger name for themselves. These guys know what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for. They have just as much respect for their fans, as their fans do for them. If this pace continues they may find themselves in very high places soon enough.

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