By Claire White

Yellowcard held the crowd in high anticipation, as the lights dimmed at the Glasgow Barrowlands on Wednesday 9th March. The band walked onto the stage to a host of cheers and clapping and immediately it was made clear that they had been missed by the Glasgow crowd.

They opened with track Lights and Sounds which was a strong opening song choice to get crowd moving even more and as the excitement was already in the air, the band’s catchy track and enthusiasm just added to this and with the song’s strong beat it was easy for the crowd to get involved immediately.

With second track Way Away, the introduction led into an echo of cheering across the venue, showing they were familiar with the band’s songs and it was the most excitement and anticipation for a support band that has been seen in a while. The band made sure the crowd were involved fully throughout encouraging them to ‘jump’ and indeed the crowd listened to the band’s request and the venue was bouncing along to the song’s beat.

It is then in the set that the band apologise to fans for being away for so long and thank them for being enthusiastic and sticking around, despite the fact the band had not toured here in almost a decade. The crowd already applaud lead singer Ryan Key before he can even finish his statement, showing that they are welcomed back to Glasgow and that the past ten years without them has not affected their strong fan base.

Another strong track was Believe the crowd again were fully involved and with the band’s high enthusiasm with every track played, it increased the crowd’s excitement even more. This song in particular was a crowd hit with them all singing ‘everything is gonna be alright’ in unison. This song also in particular managed to showcase the band’s instrumental talent with ease, in particular for violinist Sean Mackin. This point is prominent in all the band’s songs, that they somehow manage to ‘rock out’ with a violin, which is certainly a rare sight yet works so well for the band.

As well as the song’s getting the crowd involved, the lighting for their set could not go unnoticed. Each song had a particular colour, adding variety to the set and working well to create a different atmosphere for the different tracks. The band also encourage the crowd to start a ‘circle pit’, at most gigs this request is made by many bands, but the crowd fulfilment does not usually obey – this was an exception as Ryan Key barely finished asking the crowd to do so before the split was made and a strong circle pit was created, Glasgow certainly didn’t let the band down.

The band also played some of their new tracks and the crowd were still clapping along and getting fully involved, despite never having heard the tracks. At this point, guitarist Jack Barakat from headline band All Time Low appeared on stage to join the band playing new track Hang You Up. This was a nice touch and it certainly made those in the crowd who were not paying attention suddenly listen up, as an ocean of camera lights appeared across the crowd. This was indeed a crowd pleaser having Jack a part of the action and was an excellent move to get everyone paying attention.

The Glasgow crowd sing along to almost every track and were extremely enthusiastic. In particular, in the last song Ocean Avenue the crowd involvement stepped it up a gear and were singing the lines back to the band, with the band’s contagious energy spreading across the venue. It seems even the band’s older fans are in force near the back of crowd, clapping and singing along.

Overall, Yellowcard were certainly a good choice as a support band for All Time Low as they suited the style of gig well. In particular, the band showcased their energy, enthusiasm and talent throughout the set and the crowd were always ensured that they would have a good time. The band were certainly welcomed back to Glasgow and with their strong set, it seems people are already eager for the band’s return!

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