Meadows Festival 2016 | Stage Times

The Meadows Festival will return to Edinburgh with a weekend packed with live music, performances and activities for the whole family.

This year’s free festival will run from Friday June 4th to Saturday June 5th featuring two live music stages, a performance space and a family and children area, alongside local grub, a market and community information points.

The live music line-up will be spread across two stages with established local acts on the Red Dog Music Stage alongside newcomers on the Totally Sound Futures stage.

To help you music fans along the way, here’s a full list of the stage times for the live music at the Meadows Festival 2016.

Red Dog Music Stage

Saturday 4th June
11am Richy Neil
12pm Hailey Beavis
1pm Sea Bass Kid
2pm Miracle Glass Company
3pm Jamie & Shoony
4pm Samba Scene
5pm Secreto Tropical

Sunday 5th June
11am inChorus Choir
11.30am The Beastie Drummers
12pm Surf Manchu
1pm We Are Dollstoy
2pm Noah Noah
3pm Monosapiens
4pm Tinky Disco
5pm Nipples of Venus

Totally Sound Futures Stage

Saturday 4th June
11.30 am – 1pm – Acoustic and Rap sessions featuring Calum Anderson, Life, Sandi Pentland, Lightly, the 45, Caitlin Daff, Lee Highet, Leah Makin, Anonymous
1.15pm The T.B.C.
1.40pm Malavoi
2.10pm Incisor
2.35pm Stoned Wonder Government
3pm Censored Junk
3.45pm Screamin’ Whisper as special guests

Sunday 5th June
12pm – 1pm – Acoustic sessions, featuring John & Mariana, Kyan Dodds, Erin & Abbie, Emma Milligan, Morgan – Jane & Emma, Velvet Trees
1.15pm LiveHeart
1.40pm Spec Ops
2.10pm Cruci-fiction
2.5pm Tinderbox Orchestra
3.30pm Mad Tango, special guests
4.15pm 100 Fables , special guests

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