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OUTLYA | 5 tracks that influenced ‘Volcano’ EP

Pop newcomers OUTLYA recently released their new EP ‘Volcano’.

Out now on Closer Recordings via Virgin EMI, the EP was produced by Dan Grech-Marguerat (The Vaccines, Scissor Sisters, Radiohead).

We caught up with OUTLYA to discover the tracks that influenced the release.

‘Inní mér syngur vitleysingur’ – Sigur Ros
This was probably the initial inspiration for ‘Volcano’, in particular, the huge vocals and the songs link to nature.

‘All of the Lights’ – Kayne West
We’ve been obsessed with this song since we first heard it. The heavy brass on this and ‘Blood on the Leaves’ were particularly influential when we approached the arrangement of ‘Volcano’.

‘All I Ask’ – Arthur Beatrice
We love the drum sound in this song, especially the huge stomping kicks and claps that start the second verse. This song definitely came to my mind when building the drum track in the studio.

‘Roar’ – Katy Perry
One of our favourite pop songs, it’s beautifully simple. With ‘Volcano’ there are not many ‘parts’ as it were, but lots of sounds moving together, similar to the chorus of this song.

‘Says’ – Nils Frahm

With the middle 8 of ‘Volcano’, we wanted it to sound like another song had just been copied and pasted in. We deliberately kept it heavily textured and layered, primarily using sounds from the Juno 60. I love the filters and echoes used in ‘Says’ and it was another song that came to mind when in the studio.

You can listen to OUTLYA’s new EP ‘Volcano’ via Spotify below:

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