Primal Scream set to release Screamadelica Concert live on DVD/CD & Blu-ray!

On May 31, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a Blu-Ray and a DVD/CD package celebrating one of the seminal albums of the 1990s, Screamadelica by Primal Scream.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will contain the full Screamadelica Live! concert production as performed by Primal Scream in 2010 at London’s Olympia, the first time it had ever been performed in its entirety. Additionally, a second eight-song “Rock Set” of the band’s most powerful tracks is included.

The DVD/CD package, with the full two sets (Screamadelica and the “Rock Set”), and the CD with only the Screamadelica portion, showcases the band accompanied by a full brass section, a gospel choir and specially-made background visuals. The Blu-ray edition not only boasts the full concert and rock set, but gets the full “Classic Albums” treatment, running three and a half hours of pure Primal Scream.

Screamadelica defined a generation. The band, originally formed in 1982 Scotland by vocalist Bobby Gillespie (who also served as drummer for The Jesus And Mary Chain in the mid-’80s) and guitarist Jim Beattie, made its mark in London with its 1987 Sonic Flower Groove debut. Screamadelica, in 1991, was their third album and made them international kingpins of alternative British rock. Utilizing ample parts indie-rock, house, dance, dub, gospel, pop and more, it set the scene for dozens of like-minded bands on both sides of the Atlantic.

Screamadelica Set List:
1) Movin’ On Up
2) Slip Inside This House
3) Don’t Fight It, Feel It
4) Damaged
5) I’m Comin’ Down
6) Shine Like Stars
7) Inner Flight
8 ) Higher Than The Sun
9) Loaded
10) Come Together

Rock Set List:
1) Accelerator
2) Country Girl
3) Jailbird
4) Burning Wheel
5) Suicide Bomb
6) Shoot Speed / Kill Light
7) Swastika Eyes
8 ) Rocks

You can watch a DVD teaser video below;

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