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Live Review | Jess Robinson – Unravelled | Udderbelly

Following her recent Britain’s Got Talent appearance, Jess Robinson brought her musical mash-ups back to Edinburgh.

From the first note, you were hooked as she blasts her way through musical impressions with hilarious outcomes.

With a full live band in tow, who were an extremely tight set-up, the show ignites a special live spark bound to get you moving in your seat.

There’s no denying she is an incredibly talented singer with a diverse vocal range. As you watch her flawlessly switch from impression to impression, with her charisma and instantly likeable personality, the hour is overflowing with variety and fun, suited for any music taste.

As we’ve previously seen Jess live, the songs did fit a little too much into the expected formula, however, she has expanded upon this and introduced new impressions. With knowledge of her previous shows, the older elements seemed habitual and the comedy element with the band a little too staged at times.

The show will certainly come to life with a fuller audience behind her helping add to the atmosphere and this will more than likely be a weekend hit when you’re guaranteed it will be a full house.

Overall, Jess has created a great show offering something extremely different to the standard capturing the real spirit of the Fringe.

Jess Robinson – Unravelled
Venue: Udderbelly (George Square)
Time: 7pm
Tickets: £12.50/14.50 via

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