Slam Dunk Festival 2016 | 54321 | With Confidence

From Wetherspoons dining to on stage antics, With Confidence certainly enjoyed their debut UK visit.

With Confidence made their festival debut at Slam Dunk following their UK tour dates with As It Is.

Venturing overseas for the first time for any band can seem like a daunting prospect, but the guys are taking it all in their stride and embraced British culture along the way.

Following our chat with the guys backstage, we played a quick game of 54321 with drummer Josh Brozzesi and guitarist and vocalist Inigo Del Carmen to find out about their shows on the road and their UK visit.

5 things that are guaranteed at a With Confidence show
1. Drunk – “Someone is going to get drunk.” (Inigo)
2. On stage antics – “Luke is going to spit water on someone.” (Inigo)
3. Instrument issues – “I’m probably going to break a drum or a cymbal.” (Josh)
4. On stage antics – “There will be an inappropriate joke.” (Inigo)
5. Stage clashing – “Jayden is going to run into me at some point.” (Inigo)

4 favourite things about the UK
1. History – “We love the buildings and the history.” (Josh)
2. Beer – “I love the Guinness – the beer is great! There is so many good pints and it’s cheap!” (Josh)
3. Pub grub – “We’re loving pub food, it’s so good! We’ve been eating lots of Wetherspoons, probably burgers, steaks and fish and chips.” (Inigo) “We’ve had a lot of English breakfasts which are great. It’s like the only time I’ll ever have a good breakfast on tour. (Josh)
4. The weather – “It’s been surprisingly great. I’ve always come here over Christmas and it’s been like rain so we’re loving the spring weather! (Josh)

3 bands you’ve been listening to on the road
1. Pup – “They just put a record out!” (D)
2. Real Friends – “The new Real Friends stuff is really good.” (Inigo)
3. Moose Blood – “The new Moose Blood record as well so we’ve been listening to that and we’re always jamming ‘Honey’ as well.” (Josh)

2 bands you want to catch at Slam Dunk
1. The Story So Far
2. Moose Blood

1 favourite song on set list just now
Inigo – “I love ‘Keeper’, because it’s just straight in.”
Josh – “‘Godzilla’ for me, it’s a bit of a slow jam, but I always get into it and hit stuff.”

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