With One Last Breath; Self-Titled EP

By Ryan Wilkinson

With One Last Breath are a five-piece metal band from York. Since forming in April 2008, they’ve shown great promise having already shared the stage with growing names such as Asking Alexandria and Glamour of the Kill and if that wasn’t already enough – they have also performed alongside metal veterans Diamond Head and EDGUY.

Spencer Costello, Sam Graves, Joe Graves, Chris Bowling and Joe Lancaster complete this five-piece metal act who are clearly talented and commit to bringing you only the finest metal music to your ears.

With One Last Breath bring to you their five track EP with a display of skill and precision that makes every song one to remember. Opening with technical guitar riffing and melodic vocals ‘Down the Darkest Road’ is sure to be a live performance fans will be looking forward to. With choruses that make you want to sing out loud and a heavy beatdown finish, this first song certainly sets the scene for what’s to come throughout the rest of the EP.

‘I’m Taking Over, Thanks To You’ demonstrates more heavy beatdowns and with it’s easy to learn choruses, fans can enjoy and sing along without spending time reading the lyrics.

Davey Richmond from Glamour of the Kill features as guest vocalist on ‘I Taste The Poison’. This song brings much more melody to the EP and delivers guitar work not previously heard. Skillful solos and clean harmonies emphasise the vocals well.

‘Before You Go’ has much more of a gallop to the riffing and is certainly one that will get the fans moving. Impressive guitars and drums gives this song a feel of integrity you can admire.

‘Wake The Dead’ is the last track from this EP and features guest vocalist Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria. ‘Wake The Dead’ contains much of the formula included in the previous songs, sing-a-long choruses and tight musicianship that instantly connects to the listener.

With One Last Breath are certainly not a band to cast off easily. The only downfall to this EP is that all the songs seem to be built off the same structure – which makes them sound very alike. Despite this, it is a solid EP with unquestionable skill and musicianship that won’t be easy to match. Recommended to fans of Glamour of the Kill, Asking Alexandria and Pierce the Veil.

You can pick up With One Last Breath’s self-titled EP from iTunes.

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