Live Review | Enter Shikari | Metro Radio Arena

It was back in 2003 when Enter Shikari first appeared on the music scene with their current line-up in tow.

From the MySpace days and DIY shows to charting albums and arena tours, Enter Shikari went on to release five albums and tour regularly across the world.

With their new album ‘The Spark’ released in September, Enter Shikari still manage to fill venues 14 years since their first release.

Despite a long-winded intro setting the scene for the night, which was intricately and impressively themed around their latest release, Enter Shikari arrived in the Toon to take fans on an eclectic musical journey. Splitting the night into ‘phases’, Enter Shikari showcased versatility within every moment of their set.

No strangers to a sonic shift, the night enabled the band to portray their range of sound as they transitioned from their post-hardcore days to electro-rock. This experimental sound mixed with live theatrical elements created their most ambitious show to-date which was both visually engaging and sonically varied, with no idea what to expect next as each track drew to a close.

Enthusiastic frontman Rou Reynolds commanded the stage with his eclectic performance and impressive vocal versatility, stretching from ‘The Sights’ to ‘Arguing With Thermometers’, ‘Rabble Rouser’ and stripped back ‘Airfield’.

Ramping it up for a “quickfire round”, with ‘Sorry, You’re Not a Winner’ leading the four-track 174bpm section, the energy was intensified. As they returned to the stage for the encore, fans took the leading role singing ‘Redshift’ before Shikari soon brought the night to a close with recent single ‘Live outside’, a memorable move as the catchy single remained on loop post-show.

Enter Shikari proved they have a versatility which somehow manages to work across a wide variety of genres without seeming displaced. Despite each release having a new sound, this has simply expanded their musical horizons and invited a wider range of fans to enjoy their music.

After this tour, it’s easy to see why Enter Shikari are here to stay.

Post Author: Claire White

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