Edinburgh Fringe 2013: Paul Zerdin – No Strings

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Claire White

Ventriloquism is a somewhat touchy subject.

Most people laugh when they hear you’re going to spend money spending an hour watching someone talk to a puppet.

But if the person’s name is Paul Zerdin – you know you’re in for a treat.

His act is finely polished and each character brings something different to the stage.

Maintaining the audience’s attention is a worry for any act, but when you’re standing talking to yourself it is no doubt more challenging, yet Zerdin manages the engagement with ease.

With a revamped Albert puppet and the old favourite characters Baby and Sam returning, fans of Zerdin will not be disappointed.

No matter how many times I’ve seen his act, it still fascinates me how one man can manage to do so many voices in conversation at once without ever slipping up.

The material used throughout the set was sprinkled with new jokes, but some of his set was recognisable from previous years. If I hadn’t seen Paul before this performance, it would have undoubtedly reached 4 stars.

Some people may think you’re mad wanting to see a sponge-filled show, but if you’re looking for a step into the unknown and make-believe, this show is the perfect option.

Paul Zerdin – No Strings
Gilded Balloon – Nightclub

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