Edinburgh Fringe 2013: Pete Firman – Scoundrel

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Claire White

From magic wands to simple card tricks, disappearing acts to sawing women in half, magic has a somewhat stereotypical outlook attached to it.

Breaking that stereotype once again is Pete Firman.

The magician may have amazed us last year but has somehow managed to step it up once again.

With his winning combination of tricks and jokes, you can laugh and be amazed all at once.

Gasps were heard across the room throughout the entire set with mouths hanging open and the look of sheer amazement across the audience’s faces.

His act is well polished and not one mistake is made.

If you’re looking to have your opinion changed about magic, look no further.

A truly magical night.

Pete Firman – Scoundrel
Pleasance Courtyard – Beyond
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