Not Advised

By Claire White

The band used an intro song to set the mood before the band hit the stage, building the Glasgow crowd’s anticipation for the show to start and they certainly weren’t disappointed with the performance from Not Advised.

As previously mentioned, for this tour Ash Oliver would be replacing lead singer Jim Thomas due to him suffering from a serious problem with his voice, yet this did not interfere with the band putting on a full energy packed performance.

The band leapt straight into the action and did not wait about. From the word go, they showed full energy and with a strong introduction which showcased the bands music ability opening with the song ‘Right Now’.

Ash managed to prove from the very first song that he was a strong stand-in. He also managed to get the crowd involved immediately and this encouraged the Glasgow crowd even more.

As Ash explained the bands expectations of the crowd during the set simply as; ‘We’re going to play and you’re going to move’.

The next song in the set, ‘A Red Light Situation’ shows the band put their full effort into their performance. It showcases Ash’s strong vocals and this time the crowd join in unaided due to the song being one which is popular amongst the set with it’s high energy points allowing crowd involvement easily.

Next song, ‘Jane Says Left’ again easily encourages the crowd to join in, particularly by adapting the opening lyrics to ‘Glasgow, there’s something different in here’. The song also allows points in the song to again show the strength of the bands instrumental talents and vocals. The Glasgow crowd seemed on edge when Ash’s vocals were put to the test as Ash sung the introduction alone, while the room dropped to silence to hear his voice unaided by instruments, the reaction from the crowd was that they seemed extremely surprised at how strong his vocals are for being a ‘backing’ singer and he pleases the Glasgow crowd. The band manage to keep this full energy throughout the whole set at the highest possible level.

The strongest song in the set comes at the very end with the bands popular ‘The World’s Not Ready’, which has been gracing the music channels and becoming more popular by the week. The song allows the crowd to become fully ‘alive’ and singing along loudly. Jack Fairbrother even comes down to the very front of the stage to get the crowd even more involved than before.

Not Advised are a strong band and show that even without frontman Jim Thomas they manage to put on a good full set. They manage to show they have a back-up singer with extremely strong vocals on board giving Ash his ‘time to shine’ and proving he can do so with ease as the crowd applauded Ash’s extremely high efforts. Despite this, it seems Jim was missed by the crowd, as they eagerly rushed to say ‘Get Well Soon’ anytime he appeared in the room. The crowd appreciated the bands decision to come out on tour despite this and with the energy-packed performance, the bands return to Glasgow with Francesqa and Canterbury is one which shall be well anticipated!

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