Pegasus Bridge

By Claire White

Pegasus Bridge took to the stage at the Glasgow O2 ABC 2 on Friday 18th February and already had the crowd in their favour, as the cheers spread across the audience as they appeared on stage.

The band opened with track While We’re Young from the bands debut mini-album, also entitled ‘While We’re Young’, and it was a strong opening song choice. The track sounded exactly as it is on the album and lead singer Ed Turner’s voice proved that he could pull of his strong vocals with ease.

The second track Dogs again was exactly as it seems on the band’s album. The crowd were more enthusiastic with this track, joining in and many of them singing along. The track contained strong vocals throughout and in particular managed to build up the gig atmosphere easily, with those in the crowd who were not so energetic on the first song becoming a part of the action.

The 3rd track was a new song entitled Heartstrings which contained a strong keyboard section and showcased the band’s overall instrumental talent with ease. The crowd, despite not knowing the track, were still clapping along to the song’s catchy beat.

Another new song from the band came in the form of Boa. From the start of the song the crowd were involved fully thanks to the band’s enthusiastic audience interaction and the song proved it was a nice addition to the set for this interaction particularly.

The band dedicated their next song to support bands who had joined them on the Glasgow date, which was a lovely touch that showed that the band’s had not gone unnoticed and their participation was appreciated. The track they dedicated, Paris, seems to have lyrics which are very meaningful to the band, with their powerful words and showcased the vocal talent present in the band even more. The crowd again were fully involved, clapping along throughout and this was a strong song in the band’s set.

Next up were another two strong tracks with Skinny and Yoko, again these tracks were exactly as on the album, contained strong vocals and showcased the band’s instrumental talents. In particular, with ‘Yoko’ the crowd again were fully involved, singing along and everyone could pick up the lyrics easily and join in by the time the chorus came around again. The song was a good choice to get everyone involved, even those who possibly hadn’t heard of the band before the night.

The band completed their set with arguably their most well-known track Ribena. As soon as the band only mentioned the song title, the crowd erupted. As soon as the first chord was played everyone was jumping and singing along. The band seemed pleased that the crowd were singing the song back at them and with the reception after this song was complete, it proved that this was definitely the crowd’s favourite track of the night.

Overall, Pegasus Bridge proved that they were a good choice to support Not Advised. The band from this tour will create a new fan base with ease as fans flocked to meet the band after the show. If you have heard the band’s album, you will not be disappointed catching them live, as every single track is exactly as it is on the album. Pegasus Bridge put on a strong set with a good mix of songs and would be welcomed back to Glasgow with ease. With the band’s consistently powerful vocals and instrumental talent they proved their place on this tour with ease.

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